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Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations and Photos Wishes Greetings Quotes

     Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations and                          Photos Wishes Quotes

Worldwide Hindu people are celebrating Sri Krishna Janmashtami with their families and friends this is one of the holy festivals to them, most of the women celebrate and starts this day in their pooja room and nearest temple and every mother makes festival time sweets at their home and make special food items and celebrate each other.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Photos 2019

Every mother decorates their children as a Little Sri Krishna and children also shows their interest to wear Sri Krishna costumes, every bhakth of Sri Krishna makes utti for hit that, most of the young star will gather and make ready to utti which one pot they fills in that pure milk and that pot ties on the one single large pole and they will add oil or grease to that pole then all young stars will gather around the pole and tries to hit that pot this is how most of the people celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

this is the 5246th birthday of Sri Krishna according to search engine information, and we call it has 2546th Janmashtami of Sri Krishna. 

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