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Actor And Actress Name Of Katamarayudh Movie

                       Actor and actress name of katamarayudh movie

Kattula Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a courageous individual living in a town called Oddaanchatram. He lives with his four siblings (Siva Balaji, Ajay, Kamal Kamaraju, Chaitanya Krishna). The senior sibling cherishes the more youthful ones profoundly and penances his joy for their great. They are regularly trapped in battles and are pleased with it.

Backer Bail Lingam (Ali) rescues them at whatever point lawful issues emerge due to their fights. Katamarayudu abhors the possibility of marriage as he feels that his better half may make disharmony among siblings.

Despite the fact that the four more youthful siblings state that they would prefer not to either experience passionate feelings for or get hitched when Kattula Katamarayudu isn't anywhere near, they all have their mystery darlings. Presently, so as to get the green light for their romantic tales, they learn through his sibling's beloved companion Collector that Kattula Katamarayudu, in school, was enamored with a young lady named Avantika, and his siblings bring forth an arrangement to discover her and reintroduce her to Kattula Katamarayudu so he can succumb to her everything over once more. 

Notwithstanding, she is hitched now and has children, so the siblings plot to do the most legitimate thing, which is to discover another lady named Avantika (Shruti Hassan) in light of the fact that Kattula Katamarayudu was but rather infatuated with that young lady her name, and when he meets another (totally arbitrary) young lady with that name, he makes certain to lose his heart to her since she bears that name. In spite of the fact that at first hesitant, later Kattula Katamarayudu himself experiences passionate feelings for her. He conflicts with a businessperson called Radia (Pradeep Rawat) to deal with the market in the town. 

Radia attempts to slaughter Kattula Katamarayudu's siblings, while Kattula Katamarayudu seizes Radia's child Juttu Ranga (Ayyappa P. Sharma). In the wake of conflicting, Kattula Katamarayudu orders Radia to leave the town
While venturing out in the train to Avantika's town, Avantika portrays her family foundation to Kattula Katamarayudu. Avanthika's dad Bhupathi (Nassar) is a regarded man in the town who abhors savagery, while his child (Ravi Prakash) is the specific inverse who slaughters individuals, however when he is murdered, Bhupathi won't cover his body and chooses to make his town with harmony and congruity.

A couple of goons go into the train, however Kattula Katamarayudu slams all the rowdies. Avantika is stunned to see Kattula Katamarayudu, whom she thought was a peaceful individual. Kattula Katamarayudu and his siblings show up at Avantika's town with clean shaven looks. He says that he has changed and could never harbor brutality, and he and his siblings are invited and regarded by her family. Bhupathi is contacted and dazzled by their adoration, love, and accommodation.

Actor And Actress Name Of Katamarayudh Movie

Kattula Katamarayudu comes to realize that an illicit goon named Yelasari Bhanu (Tarun Arora) needs to execute Bhupathi and his family. The explanation is uncovered through a flashback that Yelasari Bhanu's dad (J. Mahendran) is liable for the impact of a matchstick processing plant. Bhupathi gripes against Yelasari Bhanu's dad and is captured, and the dad ends it all by getting hit by a lorry.

Yelasari Bhanu swears vengeance against Bhupathi. Kattula Katamarayudu completes all the goons and takes care of every one of their issues without the information on Bhupathi and the family. At the point when Bhupathi's granddaughter finds a sickle under Kattula Katamarayudu's jeep, Bhupathi orders Kattula Katamarayudu to leave town. Yelasari Bhanu, who escapes from capital punishment, shows up to slaughter Bhupathi, however Kattula Katamarayudu keeps him and his family in a sheltered spot. Yelasari Bhanu illuminates Kattula Katamarayudu that he had captured one of his siblings, Sivarayudu (Siva Balaji). 

Katamarayudu Movie Actor And Actress Names

Kattula Katamarayudu shows up at the scratch of time and spares his sibling however rather gets assaulted by Yelasari Bhanu. Bhupathi and his family, who show up at the spot, come to think about the hazard taken by Kattula Katamarayudu to spare him from the wreckage. A mercilessly assaulted Kattula Katamarayudu rises consistently and executes Yelasari Bhanu and his thugs. Bhupathi, who is dazzled with Kattula Katamarayudu's valor, chose to give his hand to his girl Avantika. The film closes with the marriage of Kattula Katamarayudu and his siblings

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